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Saturday 4th November 2023

Colouring on Architects Parchment

Subject:  Autumn Shrubs with Berries


Parchment is a really exciting new concept for the coloured pencil artist.  Unlike working on paper, parchment is almost transparent and can be coloured on both sides.  It has been around for a long time and is popular in the States, but not often used in the UK.


Come along and have a go at creating your own masterpiece with twice RHS gold medal award-winning artist Janie Pirie.  Janie will show you how to use coloured pencils to get the very best out of them on this new ‘support’.  There will be group demonstrations as well as individual tuition throughout the day.  A piece of parchment will be included for each participant, together with an image to copy.  If you would prefer to bring something of your own to draw, or a photograph of something you have taken, the please do so.  The piece of parchment will be no larger than A5 so please bear this in mind when thinking of your subject.


This is a workshop where you will learn to colour on parchment.  It is not intended as a lesson in drawing.


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               ELM FARM Nr. Coggeshall

Ever thought what it would be like to send out Christmas cards you’ve designed yourself?  Well, you can.  Come to my one-day workshop and create a festive card, using coloured pencils, glitter and/or gold and silver leaf.  You can draw baubles, holly,  robins, glittering snow, polar bears, ribbons, trees, wrapped gifts – the list is endless.  Getting cards printed in small quantities is very easy these days, so you’ll have something ready in plenty of time for the festive season.

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TULIPS – Coloured Pencil

1st – 3rd May


The most glorious flower in late spring has to be the tulip.  They come in many shapes and colours and appear to be incredibly regimental when growing in the garden.  Cut them and their stems bend beautifully, their heads hang.  They are a botanical illustrators dream subject.  This three day course will  give you the opportunity to study the simple shapes of a variety of tulips, to create a pure botanical illustration, with dissections, or a group of several stems in the style of the Old Masters.  


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 ROSE BUD – Coloured Pencils 4th July – online 10am – 1pm


Sit in the comfort of your own home and follow Janie with this step-by-step lesson on ‘painting’ a beautiful rose bud using coloured pencils.


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BERRIES & CHERRIES – Coloured Pencils

17th – 19th July


There is nothing more exciting than learning how to show the glossiness of bright summer berries.  Cherries are particularly beautiful, but there are many others to choose from, such as blueberries, redcurrants, blackcurrant, raspberries….. the list goes on.  This course will cover drawing, composition, and colouring with good quality coloured pencils.  The end result will be a piece of work that is dripping with juiciness!

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HERBS & SPICES – Coloured Pencil

4th – 6th September


A cook’s cupboard isn’t complete without a variety of herbs and spices.  However, they don’t get to be observed when used in culinary situations.  This three days will give you an opportunity to study them closely, and find a beauty you didn’t know existed.  There are so many varieties of pepper, from very small (and fiercely hot) to large.  Lemongrass, ginger, chives, mint, sage, dill, coriander, parsley – an endless list of exciting subjects.  You could choose to illustrate several on one page – those that you would need to make a curry or a Thai dish perhaps, or you can just make a study of herbs or spices.  Drawing and composition will also be covered, as well as the best techniques to apply to coloured pencil work to make it look ‘painterly’ and three-dimensional.

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9th - 11th February 2024 - details to follow

12th - 14th April - details to follow

22nd - 24th July - details to follow

16th - 18th August - details to follow


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HIGHAM HALL, Nr Keswick, Cumbria


Illustrating A Mixed Study of Summer Flowers using Coloured Pencils June 1st - 6th


This is an opportunity to create a pleasing and balanced composition using a selection of flowers, leaves, flowering shrubs, berries & grasses etc.  to illustrate the beauty of summer.  Ideally three or five stems will be selected that give a colourful and striking piece of artwork.  Time will need to be given to the shapes, colours and sizes of the chosen specimens, so there’s much to be learnt on this botanical course.



Designing a Bright & Colourful Repeat Pattern June 6th - 9th

This course will help you understand how making a repeat pattern works.  Repeat patterns are used on wallpaper, wrapping paper and fabrics.  You can choose a floral theme, leaves or just random shapes, based loosely on a botanical subject.  (Look at some William Morris designs to gain inspiration.)  Once the pattern has been designed you can colour it using coloured pencils, watercolour or water-soluble pencils.


For those wishing to combine the two courses you can choose to work on just one of the above for the complete week.


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Private one-to-one or group tuition

If you would like private tuition at any time throughout the year in the UK please email Janie at
Demonstrations/Tuition to Groups and Art Clubs

The exact title/choice of topic can be discussed. 
£200.00 for a full day (10.00am - 4.00pm)
£125.00 for a half-day or evening. (3 hours)
Travel is charged at 45p per mile.

For bookings and further information please phone 01473 311970 or email

NEW - Learn in your own home, at your own pace by joining my Patreon group.  I'm posting regular real-time videos for all my patrons so you can work when you want, were you want.  Each video shows you in a step-by-step manner, how to colour some beautiful images to create your own pieces of artwork.  It's all very exciting, both for me and my patrons because it means you can still learn how to start, or improve your coloured pencil techniques at a pace to suit you.  Check it out - you've got nothing to lose!

This has now been running for almost a year and I have posted over 100 videos in real-time for you to follow.  There are line drawings for you to download, photographic reference where required and a materials list so you can gather everything you need before you start. Part of a video for you to watch in time-lapse mode.